# Simple Steps Applying The Secret

I believed we have learned lot about the Law of attraction. Here is a summary of simple Law of attraction steps and it is easy to apply. All you need to do is just let go all your activities. Go to some quite place. Relax, clear your mind and lets start...

1. Be clear about what YOU want and knowing exactly what YOU really want.
Imagine you are entering a restaurant or food court to have a dinner. You are the only person in charge to decide what meal should enter your stomach. The waiter just could help you with his suggestion.

Same on this universe, You are the person who take full responsible with your own life. On business or job other people just could only give advices and suggestions. You are the person who decide it.

2. Placing Your Order
After you are sure what is good for you. You need to placing your order. Waiter will reply reading your order and they used to suggesting other thing as meal, dessert or drink. Universe won’t ask you those questions, however! That’s why it pays to be very, VERY specific.

for what you want. Ask the Universe, God, the angels or what are you believing at.

3. Allow the Law of Attraction working.
Fully let the law of attraction to bring it about. Don’t force your ideas of how it should happen. Let the Law of Attraction figure that out.

4. Know without doubt that what you want and have asked for will happen.
Have faith and patience that the Law of Attraction will bring it about.

5. Relaxing yourself.
You have to be in a calm harmony condition to aligned to the universe and manifesting your desire.

After all of this. All you need to do is just live in the moment. Keep your faith and keep busy with other things. The time will pass quickly and before you know it, all of your order had been served on your table.