# Believe (2nd Creative Process)

The second “Creative Process” step of the Secret 'Law of Attraction' is 'Believe'. This step strongly related with faith. But I have to be honest. I could feel it was hard to apply. My conscious mind couldn't accept this step yet. I keep learning and searching how to applied it well. Gratefully, as my wish, a little light show up. Just a little thing but I think this is the most important thing for me to remember.

Starting from a radio, I heard it while I was driving home alone. I'm not focus on it actually. After a while, a sentence sound clearly. It was saying “Believe to see or see to believe”. And then there are lots of thing passing in my mind. Turned it off help me much better to thinking. I could feel my own breath in the silent. I whispered the sentence time and again. I said to my self “This sentence is a chain link.” I was arriving but my mind keep searching the link. Lets make it short to the point. After that I read a book and it tells few things about Wright Brothers. From that moment, everything seem so clear.

So what its all about? Let see how Wright Brothers created plane. Did they ever see that thing before? No one ever see flying thing which is created by human on that time. But they had asked it and believe it. They just keep their faith and they received it.

"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."~ MLK

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