# Genie with unlimited wishes

"Your wish is my Command." said the Genie. This quote become more popular after "The Secret" use it on that movie. If genie in the lamp can approved three wishes then you already have most fabulous genie called universe who can approved unlimited wishes.

Remember, the Law of Attraction implies that anything is within your field of possibility if you desire it strongly, believe in it, and take action towards it. If you had a genie ready to grant your wishes, would you ask for something small? Say a chocolate milkshake? No. You'd be nuts. You'd be asking for bigger things. A business, a soul-mate, glorious health, glorious wealth.
The Law of Attraction is like a genie. So don't squander your potential on small things. Now here's why it's important to think big. There is so much that can be improved in the world. There is much you can contribute. But you cannot do this by being mediocre.

Jose Silva, the founder of Silva Method studied the Law of Attraction for many years and one of the things he found was that the Law of Attraction works best for you and you can ask for something that will not just benefit you, but others too.

Setting a goal of getting a $1000 raise is a small goal. There's not much you can do to benefit the world with that extra $1000 per month. But setting a goal to run your own business and earn $50,000 a month is a good goal. With that money you can not only create a good life for your family, but also donate money to your favorite charities or fund neighborhood projects. You owe it not just to yourself - but to the world - to THINK BIG. So how do you tell if your goal is big enough?

Joe Vitale, one of the teachers from the Secret has a wonderful quote.

"A good goal should SCARE you a little. And EXCITE you A LOT!"

That simple quote sums up some really important lessons. If the goal doesn't excite you, well you're not going to attract it. Goals that EXCITE you are the type that let you pour your heart and soul into them. The bigger the goals - the more excited about it you can get.

Now let's look at the second part of that quote. "Scare you a little." If you don't feel a tiny bit nervous about the goal - odds are you're THINKING TOO SMALL.

Apply this principle to your goals. Do they excite you? Do they scare you a little? Those that do are probably the right ones. When you believe it, universe will show you the way to walk and to achieved it.