# Accept Responsibility to Live Deliberately

When learning about the Law of Attraction, we find that everything in our life has been attracted/manifested by our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. The most common reaction is one of dismay, or denial. Nobody wants to believe that they are responsible for the bad things in their life. However, this is so, and that is a good thing. Only by taking responsibility for all of our creations can we deliberately manifest the life we want moving forward.

There are a few absolutely key points in learning the art of deliberate creation. There are no coincidences, no chance, and no luck in life. Everything is a result of these keys. I will be describing each key here and by learning this, you should be able to take full control of your life.

First, as I touched on above, you must absolutely take full control of every circumstance in your life. You can only do this by taking responsibility for them. If you won’t admit responsibility over something, then you are giving that power away to another force. You are saying “I am not in control of this part of my life”. Therefore, you will never be in control of everything, as you have given your power of that portion of your life away. Take full responsibility for the good and the bad, and you now have everything in your hand.

Next, be very aware and careful of the words you use. When you speak, you are directly manifesting high-frequency thought energy into physical sound energy. This energy will change form and bring your experience very quickly, so you want to be aware than when you speak negatively, doubtfully, or engage in gossip and badmouthing, you are really manifesting negative energy directly into your own life. This will backfire quickly, and probably in 99 out of 100 cases, bad things that happen to us are a result of this buildup of negative energy we have manifested through speech. Your words have more power than anything else, so be very wary of how you use them.

Your feelings are also something that you can control if you are aware of how they are arising and how you can influence them. Feelings are a direct result of thought. When you think of something happy or something happens to you that you think is good, you feel good. When something is going wrong or even if you only think about something going wrong, you begin to feel bad. Emotional energy charges reality, so you want to keep your emotions positive so that your reality will manifest positively.

When you find yourself feeling down or bad, look at what you are thinking about, stop, and think about something different. Think of something positive, a desire, a past experience, a romantic date… anything to get your emotions to rise again. You can override emotions more easily than you can words, as there is a bit more of a time delay and you have plenty of time to change your emotions. A very happy feeling cancels out many negative feelings. Thoughts work in a similar fashion, only thoughts are even further removed from physicality in terms of manifestation time.

Finally, plant something in your home that you will see everyday to remind yourself that you are living a conscious, deliberate existence. Whenever you see this item, stop. Remember that everything happening is a result of your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. Remember that you have the power to change all of these, and that your life is under your control. Then resume your day.

The very act of remembering to be aware several times a day, or even once per day, will begin to change something in your consciousness. These keys will become more real to you, and you will begin to recognize them in action. You will realize that something happening is a direct result of what came out of your mouth five minutes before. A veil will be lifted and the mechanics of the system of creation will become far more visible. All of this, simply by remembering to be aware once or twice each day. It’s really quite amazing!

These are really the most important keys to activating your ability to deliberately create the circumstances and experiences in your life. Use them well!