# Law of Attraction 03

First a little recap of parts 1 and 2 and what we've covered so far.

As we think so we are...

In the first part on the Law of Attraction we covered how our reality is a reflection of our thoughts. The process of how this happens breaks down to this rather simplified representation:

Thoughts ===> Feelings ===> Actions ===> Results ===> Reality

We then explored exactly how it is that our thoughts influence our actions by understanding how the conscious and subconscious mind work together in terms of influencing our actions and ultimately our reality. Many of our thoughts and subsequently our actions, come from the subconscious mind. Since we're not really aware of the thoughts coming from the subconscious it is imperative that we ensure that the subconscious relays the thoughts that empower us and through our actions give us the results that manifest into the reality we desire.

We then ended the session by performing a simple exercise whereby we just observed our thoughts over a relatively short time span to begin getting a handle on exactly what thoughts we were having and use that as a starting point for our lesson in part 2.

Control your thoughts control your life...

In part 2 we began focusing in on our thoughts and to recognize how our primary thoughts begin to expand and manifest themselves in our lives. Therefore, it is critical to begin controlling our thoughts and only choose to acknowledge those that will empower us.

We ended the lesson with a simple exercise that expanded on the previous lesson. We expanded on lesson 1 by going beyond observing our thoughts and begin eliminating those thoughts that were not empowering by switching in thoughts that were positive and/or pleasant to us.

The power of now...

That brings us to the current lesson. In this lesson we will build from where parts 1 and 2 left off. That is, learning to develop empowering thoughts by being in the moment.

By now you are probably quite surprised by the range of thoughts going through your head at any given moment and the number of thoughts that really don't have anything to do with empowering you and moving you closer to where you wish to be in your life.

As you practiced your switch thinking you probably felt a really awkward or maybe even weird. Anytime we find ourselves outside of our comfort zone we tend to feel uncomfortable. That's normal. Learn to embrace that feeling because it means your growing. You're learning something new and expanding your horizons. Only by getting out of your comfort zone can you progress to a higher level of understanding and being.

In fact, what you were really doing was learning to alter your thoughts by being "in the moment".

Being in the moment.

To understand the concept of the power of now we need to understand "being in the moment". It's best to explain by example.

When you're actually doing something when are you doing it? You're doing it now.

When you're thinking about the past when are you doing it? Right now.

When you're thinking about the future when are you doing it? Now of course.

When are you doing something that you have planned for tomorrow? You're doing it now. Don't believe me? Try doing something tomorrow right now. Impossible right?

You see tomorrow eventually becomes today and when you actually get around to doing it when will you be doing it? Now, of course.

Just stick with me because things will get clearer as we go on. But first, I'm going to tell you something right now (no pun intended) that's really going to blow your mind! What if I told you that there is no future or past. It's all just an illusion.

Your probably thinking I've lost my marbles. No, I haven't. Einstein was the first to theorize that what we think of as the past, present and future all really just different points along the same time space continuum. The biggest illusion of all, according to Einstein, is the illusion of time. Time is actually stateless. It only exists for us when we observe it and give meaning to it. Einstein's theories of time have since been validated by modern quantum physics - but that's beyond the scope of what we're trying to cover here. Suffice it to say that what's most important to us and the only thing that should concern us is what happens in the here and now.

The main idea or concept I want you to understand from all of this is that the only time we can influence our thoughts are right now. And the only time we can begin to alter our actions and have any kind of impact on our future and be able to manifest the reality we desire is by changing our thoughts right now or by being "in the moment".

That's why it's so important to always try and be in the moment. It's the only time you're open and receptive to the world around you and be able to influence your thoughts.

The past is the past

There's nothing that can be done about events in the past. As for the future it hasn't happened yet so whatever thoughts we have about the future are pure speculation on our part. It may or may not ever happen. In fact the future can and often does unfold in ways we couldn't possibly imagine. Quantum physics dictates there are an infinite number of outcomes to any specific action in the present. If so why waste our time and energy even thinking of all the possible events that might occur. Our time and energy is better spent focusing on what's happening now since right now is the only moment we have control over our thoughts. It's also our best chance in manifesting the reality we desire.

It all starts right now...

Are you beginning to understand why thinking about what was (the past) and what might be (the future) doesn't really help you? By being in the now allows you to control your thoughts. By empowering yourself through controlling your thoughts begins to alter and shape your reality and ultimately your destiny.

Time for an exercise.

Continue observing your thoughts and continue switch thinking whenever you find yourself moving away from thoughts that don't empower you. I know it's not practical or even realistic to be constantly monitoring your thoughts and switch thinking. The whole idea here is to do it often enough and long enough so that after a while it becomes natural and automatic. If you focus on empowering thoughts often enough eventually you will get to a point where it becomes almost automatic. You want to get to the point that having empowering thoughts are the norm for you. When that happens you're going to see some radically powerful events and changes occur in your life. When it does let me know. It's exciting when it happens and you'll probably want to share with someone who understands where your coming from!

To your continued success,

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