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Before I ended part 1 Law Of Attraction , there is a simple exercise. The exercise involved the monitoring of your thoughts over the course of the day. The idea was to simply be an observer of your thoughts and not try to influence or change your thoughts in any way.

As you were monitoring your thoughts did you notice a pattern develop? Do you have positive thoughts or negative thoughts? Some more negative than others but I'm willing to bet you had far more negative thoughts than you had positive ones. Were you thinking of the past or the future? If you were thinking of the past what were you thinking? What about your thoughts for the future?

It never ceases to amaze me the range of thoughts we have over the course of a single day. For the most part the thoughts we have aren't exactly very empowering.
As we think so we are...

A basic universal truth we often fail to realize is that whatever we focus our thoughts on tends to expand and manifest itself in our reality.

In other words, whatever it is your thinking about the most usually ends up happening in your life. Want proof? Think about whatever it is that keeps you up at night. If nothing keeps you up at night then think about what it is you spend most of your time worrying about. If you took the time to monitor your thoughts over the course of a day as suggested in the last lesson you should have noticed a few things that may have happened. From your observations does focusing your thoughts make your reality any better or worse? Does it resolve the issue or make it go away?

If your predominate thoughts are empowering to you to then chances are your reality and subsequently your life are probably quite good. If however, you spend most of your time focused on worry, hate, fear, jealousy, greed or any other negativity then chances are your reality probably isn't what you want or would like it to be. That's actually a good thing since now you know you have some room for improvement and that improvement has to come from within you. No sense blaming your boss, spouse, loved one, friend or next door neighbor for your problems. You control your destiny and your happiness is in your hands or more specifically between your ears. The moment you begin to> realize this truth is the moment you take control of your life rather than have life control you.

Your thoughts

You see the truth is the universe actually conspires to give us exactly the reality we desire to manifest through our thoughts. It doesn't care if those thoughts are positive or negative, empowering or not. We get exactly what we ask for. So be careful what you ask for. You usually end up getting it - good or bad.

Choose your thoughts carefully! Always focus on those things that will empower you .

Unfortunately many of us do the exact opposite most of the time and end up focusing our thoughts and energy on what we don't want or can't have or can't do. The next time you come across someone who always seems to be complaining about someone or something and is just plain negative about life notice what their life is like. Chances are they are probably stuck in a job they hate, are usually broke, suffering from some type of illness or headaches and probably wonder why "bad" things always happen to them. Truth is they are subconsciously drawing all negative events toward them and they're not even aware of it!

Remember from the last lesson that our predominate thoughts eventually end up being filtered down to our subconscious and the subconscious doesn't care what those thoughts are or how it effects your life. However, it is our subconscious thoughts, the thoughts we're unaware of that play an instrumental role in determining our actions which ultimately manifests into our reality.

To recap from our last discussion our thoughts and the manifestation of those thoughts to reality can be depicted as follows:

Thoughts ===> Feelings ===> Actions ===> Results ===> Reality

If you observe those who are successful you will notice one thing success people never do. Based on what you have learned so far do you know the answer? That's it - you got it! They NEVER focus on the problems or obstacles in their life. Instead they ALWAYS focus on solutions. They think in terms of opportunity, what they can accomplish and what can be done. A successful person is focused on the big picture and what' s most important to them and not majoring in the minors. The rest focus on obstacles, what they can't accomplish and what can't be done.

Do you see the difference? Successful people just think different than those that aren't successful. They control their thoughts because they understand the power their thoughts carry in manifesting their reality.

Just like last time I want you to observe your thoughts. However, this time whenever a thought creeps into you mind that doesn't empower you immediately catch yourself and refocus your thought to anything that makes you feel good or empowers you. Hold that thought for as long as you reasonably can. It doesn't really matter what it is just so long as you feel good about having that thought. It could be a person, place or thing. The objective here is to begin observing your thoughts and when you find your thoughts moving away from those thoughts that empower you immediately switch over to a thought that does empower you or at least makes you feel good. It takes time and patience to get really good at this but it's definitely worth the effort and practice.

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