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Our reality, or the world we create for ourselves, is really just a manifestation of our thoughts. Everything in our lives originated with a thought. Our thoughts lead to feelings which lead to actions which in turn leads to results which then manifests itself into the reality that we ultimately experience.

Here's what it looks like:

Thoughts ===> Feelings ===> Actions ===> Results ===> Reality

We need to understand that thoughts consist of two components: conscious and subconscious. Conscious thought is that which we are aware of. We're conscious of it. Subconscious thought we are unaware of. Unfortunately most of our daily actions are a result of our subconscious thoughts.

As you think so you are

We are what we think. That may be difficult for you to accept since your completely unaware of it! Just think of your daily routine and all the things you do during the day. Are you fully aware of everything you do every waking moment? Many of your cravings, desires, wants and wishes come from thoughts your not even aware of having. In fact you may even find yourself wondering sometimes where a particular craving, desire, want or wish even came from. Well, it came from your subconscious!

If your not really aware of your subconscious thoughts and yet much of your reality is manifested from those thoughts how is it possible to control those thoughts so that you can control your actions and ultimately your reality?

Your conscious mind works like a filter to your subconscious. Only those thoughts that are important to you end up in your subconscious. Being the good servant that it is it doesn't question whether those thoughts are right or wrong, moral or immoral, ethical or unethical, true or false. As long as we believe it's right, moral, ethical or true then that's good enough for our subconscious since that's how we perceive our reality. The only reality that matters to us is the reality we've created from our thoughts even if the "true" reality is something entirely different. If you control your conscious thoughts then logically you WILL control your subconscious thoughts and that's how you make lasting and valid changes to your life.

Remember, your thoughts lead to feelings, which lead to actions which then lead to results and eventually manifests into reality for you. Knowing that you have to control your thoughts in order to control your actions and altering your reality is one thing. Actually being able to do it is another.

In the next lesson you will begin to understand how to begin controlling and shaping your conscious thoughts so that those thoughts will eventually manifest into your reality.

Do this short exercise before reading the next lesson. During the day be aware of everything your thinking. Don't try to filter, judge or change your thoughts. Just be a casual observer of your thoughts. If your reading this toward the end of the day or your getting ready for bed then try this exercise after waking up the next day before continuing with the next exercise.

We'll discuss what you observed about your thoughts in the next lesson and I think you'll be very surprised with your findings! To your continued prosperity.

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