# The Law of Attraction and the 11 laws of the Universe

People often ask what exactly is the Law of Attraction? They have heard about it, read about it and are anxious to use it to help them in their lives but they seem completely confused as to what this Law is all about.

Well, let's try and simplify matters where the Law of Attraction is concerned: It is one of the Universal Laws that has been in existence since time first began. There is nothing complicated or confusing about it; it is just another law of the Universal just like the Law of Gratitude or the Law of Gravity. No one has any problem with coming to terms with those two, do they?

In fact, if you follow what that great master thinker Bob Proctor has to say on the subject of Universal Laws, he believes there are at least 11 that are in existence that all have an affect on each and every one of us on this planet.

Everyone knows how the Law of Gravity works even from a very young age. They know that if they jump off a high platform they will fall down to ground with a bump rather than float around the sky like a big fluffy cloud; yet they struggle to comprehend what the Law of Attraction is.

Simply put, the Law of Attraction means that like attracts like; that what you wish and hope for is what you will get back in return. But that's where the problem lies, because for most people it doesn't seem to work out like that at all. In fact, it seems that almost the opposite tends to happen and what they truly want and yearn for seemingly being the last thing they get; and that's why there is so much confusion regarding the Law of Attraction.

But the fact remains that this Universal Law is as simple to understand and work with as the Law of Gravity is; you just need to know what to do and how to approach it in the right way to attract the right response. And know what? That's exactly how vision boards can help!

To anyone not familiar with a vision board, let me briefly run through what they are and how they work. Vision boards have been around for what seems to be forever; even little children use basic forms of vision boards, or dream boards as they are also known, when they pin up their favourite pictures of pop stars or sports stars on their bedroom walls and constantly look at them and hope to be like them one day.

Basically that's all a vision board is; a collage of images depicting what you want from life or how you want your life to pan out, pinned to a board along with suitable affirmations, messages of intent, added to give extra impetus and power to your thoughts

by Paige Anne Carter