# Law of Attraction and Your Beliefs

Learning and applying the law of attraction is strongly related to our faith. And here we got an interesting read which is explain the connection between our beliefs and the Loa. This article also worth for us because there are any explanation about how crucial beliefs in our life. Lets continue it.

Law of Attraction and Your Beliefs

A very common misconception among people about the law of attraction is about their beliefs. Not many realize how strong and crucial beliefs can be for an individual. By belief I don’t mean believing in the law of attraction. I mean the belief that you have had and which made you what you are today. Beliefs definitely play a vital role in what kind of success you will achieve.

How you act and react is governed by what you believe in. Let me explain. Suppose that you are at a part where people from Venus and Earth are having a great time. You believe (this is the belief that I talked about earlier) that Venerians are thieves and are not at all trustworthy. Later you find that you have lost your watch. How will you react now?

You will obviously suspect the Venerians since you believe them to be thieves. There are equal chances that one among your friends from earth might have stolen it or you have been careless to place it somewhere and forget about it. The point I am trying to clarify here is that your belief will make you act in a particular manner.

So how are our beliefs linked to the law of attraction? If you want to be successful, but you don’t feel you are worthy of it, your actions will clearly give an indication. If you do not act like people who have been successful you will never walk the path of success. What you believe in influence your actions and the things that you attract into your life depend on your actions.

Source:Law of Attraction