# Law of Attraction is Working

Law of Attraction works just as easily on your negative thoughts as it does on your positive ones. This is why you have to monitor your thoughts and not put out any negative vibes.

If you look at the success of some of our top athletes you will find that every waking moment is spent focused on winning. They use visualization to show them the steps to get there. If you watched the high jump at the recent Olympic Games in China, you found that each participant was rehearsing in their mind how they were going to jump over that bar. It was interesting watching their hand movements and the constant talking to themselves. This is a sign of a great athlete who puts their heart and soul into winning.

Those of us who are not athletes, but have a burning desire to win, can learn lessons from the preparations the athletes make. I believe that winning is at least 95% mental preparation and 5% action. They're role models showing us what can be done if we set our minds to it. We need their strength and determination to succeed so that we can become winners too.

If you have a goal that you want to achieve, don't bog yourself down with negative thoughts. Use your gift of visualization and see yourself already in possession of your goal. You're the only one who can make it happen.