# Law of Attraction - 5 Steps Plan of Action

Metaphysicians have said it for a long time. Quantum Physicists have proved it from the scientific standpoint. Esther Hicks has been teaching these principles for years, and Larry King and Oprah had recent shows about this. It is true. You and I both, have the power to co-create our life with our thoughts, our emotions, and our beliefs.

The acclaimed movie, "The Secret" has recently brought to our attention these very principles but they are not new by any means. They have existed since the origins of mankind, but that for some reason remained veiled from the masses until today. "The Secret" revealed how to harness the Universal Law of Attraction. The simple awareness of this concept has created a never before seen tidal wave of optimism and prosperity around the world, and that is fabulous. What a refreshing concept in a world filled with problems, distress and despair!

Yes, we can have it all indeed. It is our birthright. Life can be -and should be- abundant for all. There is no scarcity, no lack, and no limitations of any kind. The Law has worked for many but unfortunately, it hasn't for many more... so what is the difference between these two groups of people?

How come so many are speculating and wondering as these principles are not working in their lives? Is there something wrong with their minds? They've tried all the visualization techniques, the happy feelings, and the positive affirmations... how come this is not working for them then?

Those who have chosen the personal development path know that it is a lifetime process, and one that requires consistent application of one's mind to find the answers needed to keep on moving forward. This is why many have begun talking about the missing link of "The Secret", a fundamental ingredient in the manifesting process that we mustn't neglect if we want to create the reality we so much want. This element is The Law of Attraction Plan of Action.

Yes. If you want to succeed in life, at anything, you must develop a plan of action, and you must follow it diligently while still building your visualization board and doing the positive affirmations as you go. All of these elements need to be in place if you truly want to manifest your dreams.

Here are five simple steps to set your Law of Attraction Plan of Action in motion. Follow them and you will find yourself closer than ever to your dream goals.

1.Soul Searching.
This probably sounds like new-age stuff; but really, do not dismiss this important first step. You must go inside to discover what really makes you tick. Take as much time as you need, but be careful not to stay in this one stage indefinitely. Some just need a few days to discover their life's purpose. Others may need a bit of help from a loved one or a Life Coach. Wherever you stand, you must complete this step before you move forward.

You've come full circle now. You will reap tangible results, only after you develop and follow your own personal Law of Attraction Plan of Action. This is "The Secret"missing link... Action. Remember, nothing changes until something moves. Take action now! Set your Intentions.

Now that you know what really inspires you and what you want to achieve, set it as an intention. Get a notebook and write with big letters your intention in the very first page. You may want to do it once, review it after a day or so, and modify it if you need to. Once you have it 100% clear, state it again, and read it aloud every day first thing in the morning to keep you focused on your goal.

Design a Plan of Action.
Use the following pages in your notebook to write the steps you must take to move towards the achievement of your goal. Do not worry if just a few things come to mind now, or if you are unsure about every detail. Just start. Jot down everything you now know you'll need to do. You'll take care of the details as you go.

Use a "flip-switch" as often as needed.
We all have days in which things are not going our way. In these moments we wonder if we are on the right track and we may become discouraged. Many succumb to the feeling and give up before having giving their plan a good chance to produce results. When those negative feelings arise, take a break. Go for a walk, watch a funny movie, or play with your kids. Do whatever it takes to put your mind at ease and away from your "bad day". Then, take a few minutes to relax, and visualize a flip-switch inside your mind. Now turn off whatever it is that's bothering you. Allow yourself to feel the difference, to feel "in charge." Breathe deeply and go to work with a new attitude.

Move into Action, now!
Just do it and keep the momentum going no matter what. And when difficult moments raise their ugly heads above the water -as they inevitably will-, you'll know what to do. Always, keep your mind focused on the final goal, and keep your motivation going by remembering your soul searching and intention often.

By: Tamara B