# The Flaw of the Secret

The Law of Attraction does work. The Biblical idea that if you seek then you will indeed find what you are seeking. Here are a few ideas about the Law of Attraction which the Secret did not emphasize.

The Law of Attraction simply is "like attracts like and takes pleasure in the company of its kind." It should be no surprise then that the phrase, "the Rich get richer and the poor get poorer" holds so much truth. The rich are concentrating on how to acquire more wealth, the poor or concentrating on how to limit their poverty. One thinks of riches the other of poverty and the one attracts riches and the other attracts poverty. I am sure the body builder thinks on acquiring more muscle, and the 90 pound weakling thinks on how to avoid looking weak.

There are 3 Laws which deal with this subject only one of which is really covered in the secret. The Law of Attraction, but there is also the Law of Growth, and the Law of Manifestation of Form. Within these three Laws are several sub-categories which we will not go into now.

Again the Law of Attraction states that you attract to yourself that which your thought centers upon and your emotions are tied to. There is more to it than that.

Once you learn to center your emotions and thought upon that which you want, you will need to learn the Law of Growth. The Law of Growth states that in order for the thought and emotion being centered on to grow into a solid form and a tangible reality, it takes several items, one is continued thought and emotion on the item, and secondly, time must be allowed for the thing to take form, and most importantly, as in anything that grows you must give before you can receive. Jesus in the parable of the corn, states that you must put out seed which then will grow one hundred or even a thousand fold.

What is the seed, anything which you give of yourself for the purpose of helping others toward that which you yourself are striving. Hence, if you seek to be happy and powerful, you will want to give to others something from yourself that will make them happy and more powerful than they were. If it is riches you seek, then share some of your present wealth with the poor, preferably in a way that helps them improve their economic condition. This is the secret of growth which was not shared in the secret as it ought to be.

Finally, when one is in harmony with the Law of Attraction and the Law of Growth, one can expect the Law of Manifestation to begin its work. The Law of Manifestation of Form states that through the Law of Growth, thought and emotion take a quicker and more powerful route into reality.

The Law of Manifestation is what we count on when we begin using the Law of Attraction, and the Law of Growth, if these two are used correctly the Law of Manifestation will invariably follow and manifest that which we desire and have shared with others.

By: Ian RoeBuck