# 3 Secret steps of Creative Visualization

Visualization is a self-help tool that has stood the test of time. The benefits are most understood and valued by those who routinely visualize. But anyone not familiar with the amazing power of this practice may be completely unaware of the secrets of creative visualization.

Those who master creative visualization gain mastery over their lives. Circumstances and events no longer have any significant impact to people who visualize on a regular basis because they understand that thoughts create things.

If you're thinking of giving it a try, but have yet to seriously indulge, below are 3 secrets of creative visualization -- three reasons why you should add this powerful practice to your daily life.

1. Creative visualization connects you to Source Energy. Before you can imagine any goal, you have to first relax and unwind. This means getting quiet and clearing your mind of the mental chatter that most of us experience throughout the typical day. Stop the barrage of thoughts and you stop the resistance.

Ultimately you're striving to reach a state of peace and tranquility. It's what Wayne Dyer refers to as "the space between your thoughts." Freeing your mind completely is a prerequisite to effective meditation and visualization. It's also necessary to make the connection to Source Energy.

Making that connection is an empowering feeling. Some see a white light, while others feel a powerful, loving presence. Visualization expert Carole Dore teaches a process she calls "The Power Exercise", which takes just a few minutes, but it builds such a strong connection to Source Energy that every time I use this process I literally vibrate energy and appreciation.

2. Creative visualization builds your desire. Once you've reached your state of ultimate relaxation and you've connected to Source Energy (though feeling connected isn't necessary to benefit from visualization), that's when you begin to build a mental picture.

Make it something you really desire. It could begin with rough idea or sketch. But as you visualize in greater detail, your image begins to take shape, dimension and color as it comes to vibrant life. As your desire becomes clearer and more defined, it takes on added emotional firepower.

Describe what you want in detail. Expand on your description and create a vivid picture of it in your mind. Feel that it's yours already and really crank up those feelings. As your desire gains intensity and strength, it propels you forward to your dream.

3. The third secret of creative visualization I want to share is this: visualization puts almost anything within your reach.

Napoleon Hill said it best in Think and Grow Rich when he said "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve." Creative visualization is the act of conceiving your idea or goal. It's the planting of the seed, the beginning of manifestation.

Stick to your goal. Stay with your image. Give it what it needs to materialize. Believe in your goal and your ability to manifest it and manifest it -- you will.

Creative visualization can help make what you want in this life a reality. Making the connection to your higher Power is a wonderful feeling. Building your desire by expanding on the details infuses you with passion and enthusiasm. And knowing that it's the one tool that can take you wherever you want to go makes these secrets of visualization worth checking out and putting to the test.

By: Art Stanley