# Primary Attraction Step to Manifested Desires

Thousands people already attracted and manifested their desires using the law of attraction. Few of them make a research seriously to find the secret of it. And there are still more having problem with this. The problem many of us have is that we are not used to operating in the same way that our organic, all-powerful universe operates. When we move into “the flow”, things begin to happen that allow us to manifest our desires very quickly.

On "The Secret" book, Rhonda Byrne confessed that Visualization is one of the primary and the powerful process to manifest desires. The term “visualization” is widely misunderstood in the mass culture, especially in New Age culture. There are some people who are able to view a true picture or movie in their mind’s eye, as real as your normal vision is to you.

Because of these few prodigies, the rest of us have become confused. The simple fact is that visualization is nothing more than focused daydreaming. That’s right; purposefully using your imagination is what “visualization” is.

To visualize, set aside a time each day where you can be alone an undisturbed. A nice bath is a good place, or finding a quiet room will work just fine. Get settled, and begin relaxing in whatever way you normally use. You want to unwind a little; get the mental chatter to calm down a bit.

When you are ready, begin imagining the object of your desire. Make sure you include yourself in your mental picture, and also be sure to imagine your desire in the present tense, as though it has already manifested. If you imagine having something in the future, that something will always remain in your future. The only true moment in time is the living moment of Now.

Spend as much time as you can in this day dream. Anything that brings up emotion is great – excitement, happiness… all emotions will help put more energy into your desire’s manifestation. When you begin to get bored, stop. This may be 5 minutes in or even it may be 50 minutes in. But you’ll know when it’s time to end. Then resume your daily activities.

Do this once each day or at least two or three times each week, and be patient the first time. You will likely have to overcome some subconscious, deeply seated beliefs. When you do begin succeeding in manifesting your desires, your belief and faith in the process will make exponential strides and you will begin manifesting things more quickly and easily. Be patient with yourself and always keep a spirit of playfulness when “working” with the Law of Attraction.