# Law of Polarity

There are two sides polarity to everything in life. There is always 'good' stands beside 'bad'. 'True – false', 'up - down', 'rich - poor' are other examples and all of this thing created one of the universal laws. It's called the "Law of Polarity".

Law of Polarity states that that anything can be split into two wholly opposite characteristics; and each of these polar elements contains the potentiality of the other within its essence. Laws of Polarity shows us that all things work toward the greater good. The best way to applying this law is to 'understanding' and receive it.

This is a very difficult concept to understand for some of us. Loved ones that die, divorce, financial struggling, in a difficult un-health relationship and many more worse things we could think of, happening for our greater good is hard to swallow.

The Law of Polarity asks us to look at life in polar aspects of extremes and changing thoughts extremely should be the hardest lesson. Please be advice and consider that controlling our most powerful mind is our own responsibility. Sometimes, too, we have to reach our bottom before we can starts rising up to a higher consciousness and this great lesson hiding behind this law. When we started to understand, our mentally and spiritually are growing stronger on the next level.

The Laws of Polarity asks us to learn from it and move on. It helps to remember and enable us to discover the solution in every moment of every perceived problem. In every failure is a potential success.

Understanding this law allows us establishing a more intimate relationship with ourself to drive us become more grateful and start using the Law of Attraction in positive ways to find a peace and experience a better, more fulfilling life.