# Love is The Greatest Emotion

This write was made on Season's greeting. We could feel great atmosphere around us. Everyone share joy, happiness and love. We could see the smiley faces on the street. We could hear the Christmas songs in each stores and we could feel a very wonderful condition is happening.

Consider it or not, we are applying the Law of Love. Everybody transmitting the greatest frequency to each other. We are transmitting our best emotion, called LOVE.

See how the glory universe string it up. From a people to another one. Between the younger and the older. Men and women. Children and parents. Owner and the workers. Between families, neighborhoods and friends. It was so amazing and awesome, wasn't it?

It works... The law of attraction really works. What are you transmitting is what are you attracting. So people who transmitted LOVE, deserved to attracted and received LOVE. Hope with this little write could remind us to keep transmitting and attracting the greatest emotion every time & seasons.

Happy Season's Greetings
Best Wishes

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