# Law of Expectation (Loa relevant)

See how is the law of expectation work and how it related with the law of attraction. Universe delivers exactly what we expect to see. So please beware of our expectations. Our expectations are formed on the foundation of our existing beliefs.
Have you ever uttered statements like these?
I just can't get ahead! I'm so sick of struggling. Everything always goes wrong for me. If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. This is too good to be true, something's going to go wrong.

Words like these are actually self-fulfilling prophesies. You are, in effect, placing your order with the universe at the moment you begin feeling the feelings behind the words (yes, even before you SPEAK the words!). You attracted it. The universe doesn't care what words you use, it pays attention to your vibrations - the energetic signal you're sending out. That signal is formed by your beliefs and expectations and the Law of Attraction works on it.

So how do we change our expectations? Is it possible? Absolutely!
One of the most powerful things you can begin doing is consciously expecting the best. Throughout the course of your day, take a few moments to pause and expect something wonderful. Say to yourself, "Today is going to be a great day!" Try to find the positive expectation in every experience. Positive expectations linked and attracted the other positive things like positive feelings and positive attitude. Then your life could be more positive. If your boss asks to speak with you privately, rather than expecting him to reprimand or fire you, expect him to praise you and give you a pay raise! Rather than expecting to see bills in your mailbox when you get home, expect to see a check.

You have to feel good. The more you can keep this feeling of happy expectation in your heart, the more often you will see results that directly mirror your expectations. It is too good to be true. But remind it, nothing to lose if we applying the Law of attraction.