# Search Engine Vs. Law of Attraction

Do you believe that search engine is a kind law of attraction. The fact is "what you search is what you got." Sometimes we didn't realized that we had applying the law of attraction.

Let say that you really need to know any information. And you believe this information could be useful if you knew it. You start to attract it. All you need to do is to find the relevant "keyword" of it. Then search it. Law of attraction started to work.

Now we use most popular searching engine google. And then you just need to put that keyword on a square box, then click the search button. I don't think I have to teach you this little piece of cake. After that, sometimes it won't worked. It won't give the informations. So, is that mean law of attraction scam

Consider that sometimes we need to combine the keyword. If you put the wrong keyword (perhaps the spelling), it didn't give what you want. Until you put the right keyword, sure it would show the information as needed.

Universe just like search engine. It will give what you want if you search for it. So you just need to search it with right thought and feeling. That's the truth if you search it with a strong passion. You will attracted it and it will shown. If you could use the law of attraction to search anything in this universe, Why don't you just used it to search any useful things for your life?

As we use reality search engine, more specific keyword you put on the search box, the more specific information you will got. So just apply it to the universe. Make a specific target and goals. What is that? When you want to accomplished? Write down all details on your journal book and believe it. Ways will shown to you. All you need to do is just walk that way.