# Expressing Gratitude

This write continuing the last write about gratitude. So what should we do to expressing gratitude. Basically we should putting our feeling in a harmony condition which mean we are really feel good.

All we need is to decide to spend a few minutes each day (commitment) to practice it. What should we do at that moment? Just think about what we really want. Make it really clear and focus on that. And then slowly change your mind to what you already have. That can be your job, family, friends and whatever it is.

Did you ever thankful for that before? If no, its time to express it. Start to count each of them as your blessing. Imagine other people who can't have what you could have. Now you could feel your feeling growing better and better. Exactly, you have found it. It is the feeling to expressing gratitude. Now just keep it. Try to memorize & remind it. Record it on your mind. Now you already know how to expressing gratitude with your feeling.

People used to ask when is the perfect time to did this. Actually every time is the perfect time. Its depended to the power of our mind to pull back that feeling. Surely practicing made it perfect. We could do it during our morning commute, while in the shower, just before going to bed at night, in the morning, as soon as we wake up.

Here are some sample statements of gratitude we can use:

I'm so grateful for my body. It's treated me so well over the years and is aging gracefully. I'm happy with the way I look.

I'm grateful for having such an incredible family, for a spouse that loves me and for kids that are simply wonderful.

I'm grateful for being born me - for my house, car, family, health and the feeling of joy with which I pursue each and every day.

I'm so grateful now that I am earning _________ per month. I have a job I love, a career that I'm good at and I can afford anything I want for myself or my family.

I'm so happy and grateful now that money comes to me, in ever increasing quantities, through multiple sources of income, on a continuous basis.