# Decided What You Want.

This one should be required when you are applying the law of attraction. Make a decision and/or decided meant you are fully ready to received what had you choose.

Life isn't about "have to be" but it's about "choose to be". So how about becoming rich? The answer was the same. People got his own right to choose to be rich.

World, everything and everyone on it has a tendency to keep its conscious attention jumping from one idea or activity to another. The average individual has an ARRAY of unrelated subjects laying across the screen of his mind … the likes of which you’d have difficulty finding anywhere else outside of a common encyclopedia! There is no focus, no direction, and no stimulated, controlled thinking going on at all.
Wallace Wattles the author of " The Science of getting Rich" said, “You can never get rich or start the creative power into action by sending out unformed longings and vague desires.” What Wallace is saying is this: Many of us are not sure what we want and so we get nowhere.

Here's the problem:

Let's say you decide you want to open a specific business, say a particular Internet home business. You've been dreaming about it - thinking about it - feeling the excitement at the prospect of being able to run your own profitable website. Now of course as you're experiencing these feelings and thinking about it, the Law of Attraction starts going into action and things begin to happen to bring you towards this dream. But then you have a friend approach you with a different business idea, say to open a restaurant. You suddenly get excited at this prospect. You now start to question the Internet Business idea.

Of course, as you're doing this, you continue using the Law of Attraction. But in the opposite way. The internet business that was coming your way...now gets pushed away. A whole new reality is being created - now a reality of you as a restaurant owner. But it does not stop there. A few weeks later, your friend may decide that he no longer wants to go into that venture with you. Now you're back to square one. Two businesses were on their way into your reality - but your indecision had pushed them back.

Every time you dream of a new goal - you plant a little seed in the Universe. Focusing and thinking of the goal is like watering that seed. As you apply more thought to the goal - shoots finally begin to sprout and push out of the ground. But way to often - it's at this point that we suddenly change our minds. And when we do that we push the shoots back into the ground. No beautiful plant takes shape. And in terms of our goals - we move back to square one. To overcome indecision - think carefully about what you want. And stick to it as long as your feelings about it stay positive.